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Results: Billabong Pro Tahiti
Winner:  Gabriel Medina - 18.96 pts
1 Josh Heavener 17.25 $300
2 Alyce Heavener 18.35 N/A
2 Ben Shepherd 18.16 N/A
2 Alex Hayes 18.07 N/A
2 Jason Badger 17.66 N/A
2 Mick Werda 20.00 N/A
2 Benjamin Black 18.33 N/A
2 Joel Holland 20.00 N/A
2 Andy Owens 18.70 N/A
2 Glen Knight 18.35 N/A
2 Nick Butler 17.80 N/A
2 Ray Ivins 19.30 N/A
2 ian cooper 15.87 N/A
2 Amanda Cooke 18.67 N/A
2 Dave Costa 17.40 N/A
2 Calvin Simpson 18.70 N/A
2 Beau Alagich 18.40 N/A
2 Nathan Cook 18.70 N/A
2 Steve Thomas 17.96 N/A
2 Nathan Keevers 17.85 N/A

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